Monday, January 19, 2009

WOW the difference Larazapan makes

So for 2 weeks now i have been laid up with massive shoulder / arm pain.. I have no insurance so i decided to seek out the internet for answers on my condition "Calling Dr. Scheri!"Dr. Scheri Line 2!" Anyway it looked like i pulled a muscle so i look it up and i get most of the symptoms, but not all..I finally break down on Saturday and go to the hospital..I was shocked there was no one in the waiting room that made me happy..I walk up to the receptionist and whisper " I hurt my shoulder and i have no insurance: she said we can not turn you away, pweww what a relief that was, they take me in do my vitals which were high from anxiety ( i hate hospitals) and immediately they take x-ray was painful felt like i was playing twister, they were very gentle though.. Well i wait like 5 minutes in a room Doc comes in tells me no broken bones, he preforms a few stretching tests and thinks i tore ligaments, o.k not a biggie puts me on all kinds of pain killers , i chose to take only the Larazapan, i think the oxycodene might be to powerful for me.. Well it works or should i say masks the pain but i am constantly chasing the pain, so i am so groggy and stupid by the end of the day, not to mention still in pain (about an 8 on the scale)..I am calling Mass health to see if i am elegible, cross my fingers..Hoping i don't need surgery..
Off to chase the pain away

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