Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bieng Grateful

We all live in our minds and sometimes that isn't a good place to be,they say it is easier to be negative and i find that to be true always thinking about my illness but that is hard not to do when you are in pain constantly the key is not expose myself to others but sometimes that isn't possible either i usually just smile and say i am fine.
Other worries are the kids well teens.i am constantly worrying if they are taking care of themselves, staying away from drugs,drinking and driving, i don't want to control but guide and if that means drilling it in their heads all the time to do the right thing then that is what i must do but there are constant reminders of my fears this town lost it's fair share in the past year due to drugs, accidental overdoses, suicides, and just stupid shit..I know i sound depressing, but i must cleanse myself and not keep this in anymore so please bare with me..Lets get on a topic that most can relate with our financial stability another worry of mine especially since i am a starving artist well not starving but i notice a hit in my sales due to this mess we are all in.. There are always hurdles and i always seem to skim them when jumping over but i do manage to get over..Ahh i do feel somewhat lifted just by venting, so today i plan on reworking my thought process slow steps, i will take the time and be grateful for what i have: my family if it were not for them who knows were i would be so thank you Kenny, Jonathan, Evan, Cassandra you all give me lots to be proud of, .. My home if it wasn't for you and John i would not no what to do thank you for giving my family comfort, and warmth.. John my x Thank you for my 3 beautiful children and your support emotional, physical, and financial you deserve to be happy and i know you are now..My friends you know a true friend never judges so Karen if you are reading this.I am blest!


Angie said...

Welcome to blogging. Looks good so far!

Audrey said...

Welcome to the blogging world. You will get addicted!! Vent away - sometimes it helps. I have to do it too once in awhile and a blog is sometimes the best place.